Nic Howell – “High Maintenance”

Nic Howell releases a rhythmic pop tune, entitled, “High Maintenance”

Nic Howell is a singer-songwriter from Orlando. Not too long ago, he released a rhythmic pop tune, entitled, “High Maintenance”.

Nic Howell – “High Maintenance”

“It’s like one day I’m in love and the next day in pain. But you’re so beautiful you know I can’t complain. But girl you got me thinking…high maintenance. Baby got me losing my patience.” – lyrics

‘High Maintenance’ contains a relevant storyline, smooth vocals, and an energetic instrumentation perfumed with lush sounds.

Nic Howell

Nic Howell – “High Maintenance”

“‘High Maintenance’ is about the mental struggle between being fed up with a girl that is really needy but not being able to break it off because of how mesmerizing she is. It’s all just a constant mind game and she knows it.” – Nic Howell

In conclusion, Howell is a talented singer, one you should keep an ear out for in 2018 and beyond. Therefore, we recommend adding his “High Maintenance” single to your personal playlist.

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