Nia Chennai Debut EP 'Diary Is a Waste of Paper' Photo
Photo Credit - Eliza Adedeji (@elizadoinglil)

An In-Depth Look at Nia Chennai’s Debut EP, “Diary is a Waste of Paper”

Nia Chennai (@niachennai) is a rising star from South London, England. Not too long ago, she released a lovely debut EP, “Diary is a Waste of Paper.” The project offers a deep dive into Nia’s personal life and career journey, inviting listeners to step into her world, one audible chapter at a time.

Nia Chennai – “Diary is a Waste of Paper” EP

Nia Chennai - Diary Is a Waste of Paper EP - cover art
Photo Credit – Eliza Adedeji (@elizadoinglil)

“‘Diary Is a Waste of Paper” is a collection of songs that offer a glimpse into my mind, thoughts, and experiences over the past year. I believe this project will resonate not only with young women but with everyone. I am excited to share my full, debut project of work with everyone, as we head toward the end of the year. I’ve got more shows and new music I’m working on planned for 2024, and I’m looking forward to bringing more of you along the ride with me!” – Nia Chennai stated

“Diary is a Waste of Paper” takes listeners on a metaphorical journey akin to a slumber party, where friends explore themes of love, commitment, and societal pressures, inviting Nia Chennai’s audience to engage in candid, relatable conversations.

The EP’s striking cover art, shot and edited by Eliza Adedeji, attests to Nia’s creative prowess, which shines throughout the EP. Nia herself, alongside manager Walé Winters, led the creative direction for the project, with production from Mont Jake, AB Youniverse, Ewan Vickery, Ollie Morley, Hoost, Dionso, and Evil Genius – ensuring a fresh and engaging listening experience.

“Diary Is a Waste of Paper” arrives after just a year of Nia entering the scene, showcasing her undeniable quality, growth, and potential.

Nia Chennai – “Since We Ain’t Together” (Official Lyric Video)

To date, Nia’s “Since We Ain’t Together” single has boasted over 300,000 Spotify streams.

Nia Chennai – “Wasting Time” (Official Visualizer)

Nia’s standout single, “Wasting Time,” has accumulated over 100,000 streams, and it has garnered praise from key industry publications and tastemakers.

Nia Chennai

Nia Chennai - “Diary is a Waste of Paper” EP back cover
Photo Credit – Eliza Adedeji (@elizadoinglil)

UK R&B’s prominence and recognition – or lack thereof — has been heavily debated recently. Nia Chennai’s impressive rise echoes the genre’s resurgence, as she confidently stands alongside emerging talents at the forefront, including artists like Natanya, Essosa, BINA, girl group Flo, and more. The genre is seeing a wave of new artists following in the footsteps of young and established ambassadors, on the path to veteran status, including the likes of Mahalia, Ella Mai, and Tiana Major9, among others.

Nia Chennai – “Tea Lady” single

“It’s great to see “Tea Lady” getting so much love already. It was a fun challenge to write something with slightly humorous lyrics about a topic that isn’t commonly explored in music.” – Nia Chennai state

Nia treated fans to “Tea Lady,” a track about gossiping among friends, inspired by the typical British tradition of coming together over a cup of tea for a chat. Nia’s unique blend of influences, drawn from Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady” and Amy Winehouse’s candid storytelling in “F*** Me Pumps,” infuses “Tea Lady” with a distinctive charm.

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