Ne-Yo releases a music video for his “GOOD MAN” single

Ne-Yo is an R&B/soul singer-songwriter out of Camden, Arkansas. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “GOOD MAN”, the title track from his seventh studio album, entitled, “GOOD MAN (Deluxe)”.

Ne-Yo – “GOOD MAN”

“Tell ’em I’m a spoken for a fellow. Ladies say, ‘Hello’ like I’m who they want to be with. I do everything with my left, I know you’ll see it trifling. And baby I ain’t nowhere perfect. But I promise to promise to make it all worth it. Giving you the things to be the man you deserved it. Make you show you’re smiling, way more than your hurtin’. Taking my time when you’re talkin’. Remindin’ you how bad you are. Often keep ’em legs shakin’ making sure you understand. That it’s in my plan.”

The music video shows Ne-Yo seated in the middle of an abandoned warehouse. He’s trying to articulate his thoughts on paper, but it’s difficult. However, he still addresses his wife.

Not too long ago, Ne-Yo stated that the visuals were about the wrongs we do and the potential danger that comes along with those decisions.



“It’s about remorse for our wrongs. Also, the mental or physical letter we write to the person we’ve wronged. But also, to ourselves to remind us of what it is we need to be for that person. In the case of myself, a good man. It’s a struggle. It’s a process. But love is worth it.”

The song was inspired by Ne-Yo’s and his wife’s first date. Also, it shows his maturity as a husband, and his ability to lead by example.



In conclusion, Good Man is an evergreen single, couched inside a spacious album with beautiful thoughts. We highly recommend adding the entire project to your personal playlist.


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