Natalia Fidelina - “Ego” press photo

Discover Inner Peace on Natalia Fidelina’s New Jazzy Neo Soul Single, “Ego”

Natalia Fidelina (@nataliafidelina_) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Edmonton, AB, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a jazzy neo-soul single, “Ego,” released via Natalia Romero.

Natalia Fidelina – “Ego” single

“‘Ego’ is all about letting go of your ego and finding inner peace. This song captures the journey of healing and self-discovery. The lyrics express a desire for genuine connections and a longing to break free from loneliness.” – Natalia Fidelina explained

“Ego” contains an introspective narrative and laidback vocals that will resonate well with fans of Cleo Sol, Jhené Aiko, and Mariah the Scientist. The song finds Natalia Fidelina at peace and singing, “I don’t see the point of moving with ego, it only brings you down.” Later, she admits, “I found my freedom in my heart when I healed all the parts that broke me down. I found the healing in myself when I took the time to sit and dwell.”

“I found my peace.”

Natalia Fidelina - “Ego” press photo

“Ego” possesses bass and rhythmic drum-laden instrumentation flavored with a jazzy neo-soul vibration. The song follows mildly on the heels of Natalia Fidelina’s dual single, “Hold on U,” which features two mesmerizing tracks that are full of emotions. Furthermore, “Ego” also serves as a wonderful taste of what’s to come from Natalia Fidelina in the coming months as she continues to release new music.

“I shouldn’t be this lonely.”

Natalia Fidelina - “Ego” cover art

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