Nana is a rising Los Angeles-based rapper. Not too long ago, he released a boomin’ 6-track project, entitled, “Nana’s EP”. 

Nana – “Problems”

The project begins with “Problems”, a dark tune featuring rapper Thurz. The song speaks about the reality of living in a concrete jungle where hyenas and wildebeests roam.

The second track, “Question Everything”, questions everything in Nana’s life including things he doesn’t have an answer for. Also, the song poses a series of whys amidst some revelations about the artist’s life.  



“This is only the beginning. I hope to change someone’s life with one of these songs.”

The third track “Youphoria” changes the mood and begins with a voice recording of Nana’s girl. The artist replies to the sentimental recording with a string of love bars followed by unique thoughts of appreciation.

“Love how you made in an image of a queen and can do everything that I can’t. I love how you stand up for me when ya friends say I’m no good. Love how you talk with a bit of slang, so proper, yet so hood. Love how you look in them heels, love how you wear ya hair natural. I love when you get in them jeans and I love how you look when I ask you out.”

Nana – “Nana’s EP”


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The fourth song, “Mando”, exits the romantic stage and focuses more on braggadocios/Alpha male-type raps.

The fifth song, “Him & Her”, begins with another voice recording of Nana’s girl. But this time, it’s evident that their relationship ain’t the same like how it was on “Youphoria”. Nana’s girl, or ex-girl, ends the break-up message with, “I really can’t do this anymore”.

Nana’s EP


The artist replies, “I remember things looking up, relationship goals didn’t look as good as us. But now I drifted away you know the jig is up. With different girls on call cause you ain’t good enough. Made a complete 180 from what I used to do. Open doors for you and tell you that you beautiful”.

The last track, “No Way Out” is more laidback than the rest. Also, the artist finds himself offering advice to a female that’s going through some stuff.

Nana – “Nana’s EP”


In conclusion, “Nana’s EP” is a decent project with sentimental moments and boomin’ tracks underneath witty raps. Also, we highly recommend you adding it to your music rotation.

“Nana’s EP”

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