Namarah drops a romantic R&B tune, entitled, “Just Like That”

Namarah is a rising Philadelphia-born R&B soulstress. Not too long ago, she released a romantic R&B tune, entitled, “Just Like That”.

Namarah – “Just Like That”

“Just like a storm blows through and then nothing’s the same. Like never before was the moment that I heard your name. It’s just like a mood, the light can shine right through the dark. Like when you move straight through me and into my heart.” – lyrics

“Just Like That” was co-written and produced by Keath Lowry. It contains compelling storytelling, ear-loving vocals, and a seductive instrumentation embedded with shimmery sensibilities.

The song finds an appreciative woman who compares her man’s affection to things of great importance, created elements that are admired and well respected.

Namarah – Just Like That cover

Namarah + Just Like That cover

“At an early age, Namarah found interest in the art of storytelling, theatre, and visual media. Her musical influences are R&B-rooted artists such as Lianne La Havas, Jorja Smith, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, and India Irie.”

The artist has performed at staple Philly venues such as the TLA, Bourbon & Branch, and Frankie Bradleys to name a few. Also, at festivals such as Philly Soulstock and the Cayuga Sound Fest.


Namarah is a wonderful soul singer, which makes her one to watch out for in 2018 and beyond. Her voice is slithery smooth and we can’t wait to hear more from her. Therefore, we recommend that you add her “Just Like That” single to your personal playlist.

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