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Muva Dame releases an appetizing R&B tune, entitled, “FWB (Backshots)”

Muva Dame (Denasia Anjanique Arrington) is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter from south Jamaica-Queens, New York. Not too long ago, she released an appetizing R&B tune, entitled, “FWB (Backshots)”, produced by @thaoriginalz.

Muva Dame – “FWB (Backshots)” single

“Friends can sometimes be the best lovers without the title. And sometimes it takes the right moment or song to help us acknowledge it. A friend knows what you need without you asking.” – Muva Dame

‘FWB (Backshots)’ tells a luscious tale of a young woman who shares a friends-with-benefits type of relationship with a special person in her life. Apparently, she impatiently waits around for this individual all day, hoping to get satisfied romantically. Also, she promises to always give herself to this person if their relationship is kept on the down-low.



“Dame is a Middle English term used to address a woman with authority, which is how I look at myself. By authority, I mean—I embrace the power of being a woman. To me, a ‘dame’ is a woman with great ambition, daring, powerful, beautiful, classy, etc. My own personal definition came from me starting my first business (modeling/ promotion team) back in 2012 called DVMES (DAMES). I then kept the name and started my hair & makeup company, “DAMEHOUSE Co.”, back in 2014. All of which leads to me referring to myself as ‘Muva Dame’.” – Muva Dame

“FWB (Backshots)” single

Muva Dame - “FWB (Backshots)” cover

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