Ronaldo and Messi favorite music

What kind of music do Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi listen to?

The greatest exponents of today’s soccer have declared which bands they are fans of and the songs they never get tired of listening to. Music will always reflect people and their moods, as they represent their best memories and songs for specific moments and show a bit of their intimacy. That is why sometimes the question will arise as to which genre is the favorite of soccer idols Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, which melodies are their favorites, and which ones they never get tired of playing.

The Portuguese have admitted that rock is one of Ronaldo’s favorite genres, although he doesn’t really pigeonhole himself in just one. He also said he has vast musical taste and a lot of songs on his iPod, from Phil Collins to George Michael and Sade. The historic Manchester United and Real Madrid player also like romantic music a lot. However, classical music is his least favorite because it bores him.

Although he has also been seen with urban Reggaeton artists like Kevin Roldan and J Balvin, Ronaldo has a particular taste for Oasis, the group of his favorite song: “Champagne Supernova,” and he considers that they were even better than The Beatles. The historic scorer of his national team and the Champions League boasts that it is a melody he can never refuse to listen to once again: He has listened to it a thousand times, and he never gets tired of it because, for him, it is a classic.

Lionel Messi’s favorite songs

Messi favorite songs

What music does Lionel Messi listen to in his intimacy? Messi’s intimacy is one of the best-kept secrets in soccer. But, unlike other big stars, the Argentinean star does not let information about his private life leak out. All we know about Messi is that he is one of the best soccer players of all time and that he is talked about everywhere: on television, on social media, on the radio, and on the best betting sites where players often bet on the soccer team the Argentine plays because they know the odds of winning are pretty high.

It often happens that betting sites’ reviews talk about soccer matches and how these betting platforms share the winning odds of each team. Usually, these platforms record all the odds the site offers on major sports, in this case, soccer, for over a month. So, even if we know that with a player like Messi, victory is highly likely, we never know which team is going to win the next match, so it would be always better to check the odds.

Lionel Messi’s life on social media: What do we know about him?

In dribs and drabs, only some information or clues come to light through social networks: a few photos of his wife Antonella, his three children, and little else. But that little, sometimes, is a lot. As we said, in addition to soccer and PlayStation, another of Messi’s passions is music. And his tastes are pretty varied. He is now into rap and trap, two styles booming in Argentina.

Wos, one of the moment musicians, is the artist with whom Messi musicalized one of the last videos he uploaded to his networks from the concentration of the Argentine National Team in Ezeiza. But it is not the first time he is shown listening to Wos, as he had also uploaded stories from his home in Barcelona drinking mate in the sun.

Paulo Londra, another fashionable musician, is also part of Leo’s repertoire and remains at the forefront of music beyond listening to classic styles such as reggae with Los Cafres and Dread Mar I, two cult bands from Argentina.

Also, the Argentinian champion has stated on several occasions that if there is one type of music that he loves and relaxes him, it is reggae because its rhythm calms and soothes him. Still, his taste for it is due to Antonella Roccuzzo, his wife, with whom he has had a relationship since 2007 and has known since he was nine years old.