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Munch! releases a melodic rap tune, entitled, “World Change”

Munch! is a rapper out of Detroit, Michigan. Not too long ago, he released “World Change”, a melodic rap tune from his “The World Around Me” EP.

Munch! – “World Change”

“‘World Change’ was inspired from experiencing nightlife and music in different corners of the world. No matter what city I found myself in, I’d find people using clubs and music as an escape from everyday life. Whether they were dancing or indulging, it was always interesting watching people find life in the moment. These environments shaped the sounds and words of the song.” – Munch!

‘World Change’ contains a relatable storyline and a blissed-out vocal hook. Also, it possesses a charismatic hip-hop instrumentation created by producer 92.

Munch! – “The World Around Me”

Munch! + "The World Around Me" artwork

Munch!’s travels to North Africa, South America, and beyond have inspired him to push the boundaries of his artistic potential. This new creative development is evident on his “The World Around Me” EP. He hopes his fans will continue to grow with him as he trailblazes a new path for himself in today’s hip-hop landscape.

Also, he’s creating music with some of Detroit’s finest local talents including Dayggs, Jonah Baseball, nuntheless, and artists from LA, Canada, and the UK. “The World Around Me” signifies a step towards his musical diversity.

Check out Munch!’s “The World Around Me” EP and let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

“The World Around Me” EP

We recommend adding Munch!’s “World Change” single to your personal playlist.

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