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Discover Ms.shy’s lovely debut single, “Glory”

Ms.shy is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a lovely debut single, “Glory,” via Mountain Music LLC.

Ms.shy – “Glory” single

“Ever since that day I knew I wanted you. Got you drunk off my love like some jungle juice. Kissing me ‘cause I know you got a sweet tooth. Don’t be crazy, boy, ‘cause you know that it’s only you. Man, you had b*tches on your left and your right, worth soo strong to put up a fight. Got to get my sh*t right, they’re still worried about me. Make ‘em understand ‘cause I’m a fly piece.” – lyrics

“Glory” contains ear-pleasing vocals and an enchanting love-based narrative that will resonate well with fans of Ms. Lauryn Hill. The song contains some passionate lyrics and heartfelt melodies lifted from Santana’s hit single, “Maria Maria,” with The Product G&B. Ms.shy’s vocals shine through brightly over a thudding-drum-and-bass-laden instrumentation flavored with neo-soul and contemporary R&B elements. Ms.shy sings, “Saw me like a little fruit in a cup. Caught me staring at you like you knew what’s up. So, I looked away and looked back, you was stuck. That’s when I knew that you knew what’s up.”

“Glory” is one of those songs that has replay value because it possesses some urban classic-ness to it. After listening to “Glory,” listeners will know what’s up—that there is a newcomer in the contemporary R&B scene, and “Glory” is her introduction. Ms.shy explained, “This song is about a girl who rekindles with a high school crush that she daydreamed about and talked to a little bit but never made any sufficient moves because she seen how girls always surrounded him and didn’t want to become one of those girls but he hits her up years later and decides to get to know her more.”

“I was shy to tell you anything then you saw me.”

Ms.shy - “Glory” cover art

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