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Moxie Raia releases a sultry R&B tune, entitled, “Shades of Blue”

Moxie Raia is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Not too long ago, she released a sultry R&B tune, entitled, “Shades of Blue”.  

Moxie Raia – “Shades of Blue”

“‘Shades of Blue’ is a fantasy of a healthy relationship. It’s about a moment with someone that brings you complete peace.” – Moxie Raia

‘Shades of Blue’ contains a dreamy storyline, lovely soul vocals, and a slow-grinding instrumentation perfumed with the aroma of love. 

Moxie Raia – “Shades of Blue”

Moxie Raia + "Shades of Blue" artwork

“When I’m making music, I’m not thinking about anything but trying to make something true. I like bringing things together, all of my influences, all of these things added up together.” – Moxie Raia

Moxie Raia’s most important influence is her father, who filled her childhood home with soul music. At the age of six, Moxie was a competitive dancer. By the age of 10, she was writing her own songs. At 13, she displayed her passion for music when she applied to a performing arts school in New York City without her parents’ knowledge.

Since then, she has accomplished much. Not too long ago, she was one of the opening acts on Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour. Also, her music has amassed over 85 million streams online with features from artists such as Post Malone, Wyclef, and Pusha T.

In conclusion, Moxie Raia has an ear-welcoming sound that hits you right in your soul. Therefore, we recommend adding her “Shades of Blue” single to your personal playlist.

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