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MOUI releases a lyric video for their groovy electro-pop single, entitled, “Love U”

MOUI is a musical outfit based in Darmstadt, Germany. Not too long ago, they released a lyric video for their groovy electro-pop tune, entitled, “Love U”.

MOUI – “Love U” single

“We shot a funny one-take video with Lilly doing the Hasselhof while failing to sing along to our song in a karaoke scenario.” – MOUI

‘Love U’ tells an interesting tale of a naïve young woman who wants to be loved by a desirable individual in her life.

Apparently, she wants this person to delete messages written to another woman because she wants to be their one and only love. But she soon feels sorry for herself and gets drunk in the process.

Instead of consoling her, her love interest tells her to go home to sober up, and maybe they can communicate the following day if she’s not intoxicated again.  

‘Love U’ contains a bittersweet storyline and pleasing vocals. Also, the song possesses groovy instrumentation scented with a warm indie-pop aroma.

MOUI – “Love U” single

MOUI press photo by Tony Meier
Photo by Tony Meier

“It’s hard to lie when you’re drunk. With this breezy yet a bit cynical summer song, we wanted to show the truth about a naive and adolescent love desperately hoping that the feeling is mutual.” – MOUI

MOUI can be thought of as your stubborn little sister who enjoys tearing life apart in her own playful way.

The group consists of Lilly Wong, Dominique Keufen, and Lorenzo Bruno di Stefano.

MOUI – “Love U” single

MOUI – “Love U” cover art

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