More Giraffes press photo
Photo by Jasmine Safaeian

More Giraffes releases a groovy alternative-pop tune, entitled, “AOP”

More Giraffes is an electronic-pop duo based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released “AOP”, a groovy alternative-pop tune from their 5-track debut EP, entitled, “It Was a Joke”.

More Giraffes – “AOP”

“Vending machines of wild dreams. Gritty rooms on a highway. Neon light in the driveway. Life is as simple as it seems. Up at dawn for the sunrise, getting down, goin’ all night.” – lyrics

‘AOP’ contains a relevant storyline, dreamy pop vocals, and an animated instrumentation embedded with a feel-good vibe.

More Giraffes – “It Was a Joke”

More Giraffes + It Was a Joke artwork
Cover art by Paul Fuentes

“We started ‘More Giraffes’ with the intention of having fun and making bright music that colors outside the lines of traditional pop. ‘It Was a Joke’ is our debut EP, which we wrote and produced ourselves in northeast Los Angeles. The title comes from a lyric in our song, ‘Basement’. Serving as a reminder to not take life too seriously and spread good vibes with our music.” – More Giraffes

More Giraffes consists of musicians Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford. Their passion for new wave futuristic pop music brought them together. Since then, they have created an artistic playground environment that produces carefree pop music which leaves listeners feeling good and ready to smash the repeat button.

Check out More Giraffes’ “It Was a Joke” EP via Spotify.

“It Was a Joke”

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