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Molly Moore releases a brand new alternative tune, entitled, “Be Here Now”

Molly Moore is an LA-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a brand new alternative tune, entitled, “Be Here Now”.

Molly Moore – “Be Here Now”


“I wrote this about chasing anything that brings you out of the present. It’s so easy to get distracted & lose sight of what you have, while you have it. It’s been particularly relevant to me since my dad’s unexpected passing in April. I’ve had the hardest time dealing with such a tremendous loss, but it’s given me a new perspective on everything. I’m realizing now how important it is to connect with people on a deeper level in every moment.” – Molly Moore

‘Be Here Now’ contains a relatable storyline, gritty pop vocals, and energetic instrumentation perfumed with a commercial pop feel. Also, the song was produced by Moore and Arthur Besnine, a Parisian producer based in Seattle.

Molly Moore

Molly Moore press photo

Molly Moore is ½ of the duo Cosmos & Creature with EMAN8 (Brandyn Burnette). Their last single I Am Free has amassed over 8 million streams online. Also, when taking center stage, Molly’s electro-pop has led her to the top spot on the iTunes dance chart, and she has over 50,000,000 streams.

So far, she has collaborated with artists such as Jesse McCartney, Steve Aoki, and Lea Michele. Moore hopes her music will inspire people, and not too long ago, she stated, “Dealing with human emotions isn’t always easy but I do think that we innately want to help each other.”

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