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Moli releases a wonderful EP/mini-album, entitled, “Préface”

Moli is a talented singer-songwriter from Belgium. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful EP/mini-album, “Préface,” featuring the focus track, “Insomnia.”

Moli – “Insomnia”

“I wrote ‘Insomnia’ while I was in London. At the time, I was staying in a youth hostel which is always a bit of a hit and miss scenario. I was getting very used to it as I nearly always stayed in hostels on writing trips and had had some great experiences. But on the contrary, some not so great too. This one particular night, I had been assigned a shared dorm on the ground floor and my bed was on the top bunk situated right next to the window where this one bright light shined directly onto my face. It was summer, the room was super-hot so we also needed to keep the window open and people were being super noisy outside.” – Moli explained

‘Insomnia’ draws influence and takes shape from Moli’s experiences with sleeplessness. The song contains a relatable narrative, English and French vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with Francis On My Mind and ZOLA supporters. The likable tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with a warm indie-pop vibration.


Moli press photo by Celeste Call
Photo by Celeste Call

“I couldn’t sleep at all. I was lying there tossing and turning all night and anxiety crept up on me. Also, I spent a while on my phone going through the news and social media. And that stressed me out even more. I went down a rabbit hole of thoughts about life and had a little existential crisis. I was in the studio for the next few days. And I felt inspired by that experience, amongst other sleepless nights I’d had in the past. Like the nights where I have had sleep paralysis. ‘Insomnia’ was born and it all came naturally, and this is the result.” – Moli explained

‘Insomnia’ follows hot on the heels of Moli’s previously released single, “Shapeshifting.”

Moli – “Shapeshifting” music video

‘Shapeshifting’ finds Moli reflecting on the frustration she felt with constantly feeling the need to change herself to get people to like her. The relatable tune contains a relevant narrative, English and French vocals, and tuneful melodies leaning in the adult contemporary realm. Also, the song possesses groovy instrumentation flavored with a silky-smooth electro-pop vibration.

Even though “Shapeshifting” had been written a year ago, Moli cites the chaotic past year as an influence on her growth. Both as a person and an artist. Having been forced to spend a lot of time with her thoughts, she learned a lot about herself citing the works of several prominent female activists such as Jameela Jamil, Roxane Gay, and Chidera Eggerue as inspiration. Reading their work has helped the young singer to open her eyes and aided her in realizing that she doesn’t need external approval to feel validated.

Moli – “Préface” EP

Moli - Préface EP cover

“‘Préface’ is a result of my musical journey over the last few years. Finding myself and my musical identity in some sort of middle ground between the pop and dance songs that I write for other artists and the more indie artists that I personally like to listen to. Also, I wanted to start adding French in my songs for them to feel more authentic to me. My world growing up in Belgium and speaking French is very different from the one when I’m with my family or in Berlin speaking English. I wanted to bring those two perspectives into my music.” – Moli explained

“Collaboration has also been a big part of my journey. Writing with many writers and producers over the last few years was really inspiring and made my vision clearer. I met Chris Zane in 2019 and very much enjoyed the process of working together. We clicked and I feel like he really understands my vision. I’m very thankful to have been able to produce this EP with him. My key inspirations and that artists that I had on repeat at the time of writing “Préface” were mainly Blood Orange, Prince, Madonna, Christine and the Queens, and Daft Punk.” – Moli explained

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