MOLI releases a rhythmic pop single, entitled, “Comfortable”

MOLI is a 19-year-old Berlin-based singer-songwriter from Belgium. Not too long ago, she released a rhythmic pop single, entitled, “Comfortable”, from her upcoming EP.

MOLI – “Comfortable”

“Living in a uniform. But we took everything until we go to sleep. Went too fast and now we’re going slow. We’re stuck into a boring daily routine. I miss the thrill that you gave me every day. Just by saying my name. You were the one who would take me far away. Now it’s just not the same.”

‘Comfortable’ contains a carefree narrative, fun vibration, and dance-friendly instrumentation. Also, the song finds MOLI observing the uncomfortable parts of relationships with wonderful storytelling.



“Relationships are always super exciting in the beginnings. First dates, being nervous around each other, first physical contacts. It’s all very magical. After a while, in certain situations, this fades away. The nerves and the holding back fade. You become too comfortable around each other. You do not put up any barriers. I see my friends going through this, constantly trying to reactivate what they call ‘the flame’.”

In conclusion, “Comfortable” oozes with all the smoothness that you need. Also, newcomer MOLI is a talented singer that you need to watch out for. She possesses a vocal style that’s completely refreshing from her contemporaries. Her relevant stories and relatable lyrics are revitalizing.

Therefore, we recommend adding “Comfortable” to your personal playlist as you navigate through these ongoing, warmer months.

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