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Moe Chaieb releases his “Sweetergal” single featuring Lea Keeley

Moe Chaieb is a Montreal-based producer. Not too long ago, he released a tasty R&B tune, entitled, “Sweetergal”, featuring Lea Keeley.

Moe Chaieb – “Sweetergal”

“The song is basically an ode to someone who makes you believe in love after a heartbreak. It started out as an instrumental I made over a year ago, and that sat there on my computer for a while.” – Moe Chaieb

‘Sweetergal’ tells the tale of a young woman who desires to be with a certain individual in her life. Apparently, she and this individual once shared a romantic relationship and now she can’t seem to let go of it, even though it’s time for her to do so. Also, she describes this individual as someone who is sweeter than honey from bees and syrup from trees.  

‘Sweetergal’ contains a relatable storyline, sweet soul vocals, and slow-burning instrumentation flavored with modern R&B elements. Also, the song is Chaieb’s first collaboration with Keeley.

Moe Chaieb + Lea Keeley

Moe Chaieb + Lea Keeley photo

“Recently, I connected with the super-talented Lea Keeley here in Montreal. We got in the studio together and basically finished the song in one session. I redid most of the beat as well. Our chemistry was special for sure and I’m excited to release more music with her in the future.” – Moe Chaieb

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