Milla Thyme - “Heaven Looks Like” promo shot with Wayne Tenant
Milla Thyme - “Heaven Looks Like” promo shot with Wayne Tenant

Milla Thyme releases a gospel-tinged hip-hop tune, entitled, “Heaven Looks Like”, featuring Wayne Tennant

Milla Thyme (Maxwell Miller) is a rapper, bassist, and producer based in Montreal, Canada. Not too long ago, he released a gospel-tinged hip-hop tune, entitled, “Heaven Looks Like”, featuring Montreal’s Wayne Tennant. Also, the song was co-produced by Chris Vincent of the electro-soul band, Busty and the Bass.

Milla Thyme – “Heaven Looks Like” single featuring Wayne Tennant

‘Heaven Looks Like’ finds Milla Thyme offering listeners a little slice of hope, a sense of home, and a tinge of nostalgia. Also, the artist paints a picture of his childhood memories of cooking and enjoying meals with his family.

‘Heaven Looks Like’ contains a food-orientated narrative, conversational rap vocals, and a soulful chorus. Also, the likable tune possesses bluesy piano-laden instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, gospel, and R&B-soul elements. Furthermore, “Heaven Looks Like” serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on Thyme’s upcoming album, entitled, “Everything Has Its Thyme”, set to be released in April 2021 via URBNET. The project is an ode to Thyme’s love of food and the heavenly sense of connection it can bring.

Milla Thyme & Wayne Tennant

Milla Thyme - “Heaven Looks Like” press photo with Wayne Tenant - Photography by @olea.lens
Photo by @olea.lens

“There’s a certain kind of magic that can take place at family gatherings from the food to the wisdom and storytelling that is exchanged. Also, this is something we see across all cultures.” – Milla Thyme stated

Food, however, is “just a slice of it” according to Milla. “Heaven Looks Like” can also be about finding heaven in other things in your life and feeling grateful for what you have. Also, the song is a reflection of simpler times and a reminder to look back at the impactful moments that made us into who we are.

“Heaven Looks Like” single

Milla Thyme - “Heaven Looks Like” cover art

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