Mike Mulshine - “Hot Chocolate” photo

Mike Mulshine releases a music video for his “Hot Chocolate” single

Mike Mulshine is an up-and-coming rapper. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Hot Chocolate” single.

Mike Mulshine – “Hot Chocolate” music video

“Hit the farmer’s market, maybe buy some cantaloupe. Everybody tripping telling us that we can’t elope. Meanwhile, we been running like we were some antelopes. And we’re on schedule too, take a gander at these plans we wrote. First, I’ll get her in pantyhose. Leagues beyond these xanny hoes. You’re honestly a goddess on this earth and I’m a fan of yours. Gimme some paper and I’ll fold it just to fan these pores. To cool you down when we’re smoking even though it’s banned indoors.” – lyrics

‘Hot Chocolate’ tells a cozy tale about a young guy who shares a two-month-long relationship with his significant other. Apparently, he’s head-over-heels in love with his companion and spends every hour of every day with her. However, in being the best partner he can be, he forsakes the other people in his life like his friends and family.

‘Hot Chocolate’ contains a relatable storyline, conversational rap vocals, and astute lyrics. Also, the playful tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary rap elements.

“Hot Chocolate” single

Mike Mulshine - “Hot Chocolate” cover

“I used to surprise my girl with hot chocolate when she was having a rough day at work (she doesn’t drink coffee). This song is about young love, the honeymoon phase, and how you get so entrenched in romance in the beginning that other relationships can take a hit (friends, family, work colleagues). We were only two months in the relationship when I wrote the verses. We spent every day together, we were pretty wild. And in the whirlwind of it all, I found myself hanging with my close friends less often, talking less to family, and getting distracted from work.” – Mike Mulshine

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