Miesa - Broken

Miesa releases a bubbly r&b tune, entitled, “Broken”

Miesa is a talented r&b/pop singer out of South Jersey. Not too long ago, she released a bubbly r&b tune, entitled, “Broken”.

Miesa – “Broken”

‘Broken’ tells the tale of a loving woman who’s in a relationship with a guy she’s in love with. But throughout the day, he’s too busy with work and other stuff to show her any kind of attention.

She’s alone with no help and sick and tired of being overlooked by him. Eventually, that isolated feeling has her feeling broken. So much so that she has thoughts of leaving the relationship if things don’t change.

‘Broken’ contains a relatable storyline, gorgeous soul vocals, and a charismatic instrumentation embedded with sentimental appeal.

Miesa – “Broken”

Miesa - Broken

“I want my fans to feel the music the way that I do. I’m in love with harmonies and backgrounds that give music different dynamics. I just want people to experience what’s in my heart and understand my passion.” – Miesa

Miesa’s Haitian and Filipino heritage enriched her sound with elements of calypso and kompa. By the age of seven, she was already in the studio recording music professionally while singing in churches and playing musical instruments such as the guitar, piano, and clarinet. Her musical influences include Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, The Beatles, and Whitney Houston. Also, one of her memorable highlights was when she was asked to perform a tribute to the iconic Dionne Warwick.

We recommend adding Miesa’s “Broken” single to your personal playlist.

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