MIA GLADSTONE is a singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a groovy alternative tune, entitled, “Baby Don’t Worry”.

MIA GLADSTONE – “Baby Don’t Worry” single

“Might not be true to you, that sh*t fulfills me. Recording in my sleep faded off papers. Tobacco kills all your savings. Medical cannabis calming cannot afford my prescription. Baby, don’t worry. Don’t be embarrassed, babe.” – lyrics

‘Baby Don’t Worry’ is a cosmic post-pop jam about self-acceptance. Also, it’s a song for regeneration. 

The likable tune contains an ethereal, hazy, spacey chorus which asks listeners to lie back and accept their place in the ever-expanding universe.




“In the period, I wrote ‘Baby Don’t Worry’. I felt like I found the key to sustained happiness and self-acceptance and open-mindedness. I finally reclaimed the power I’ve possessed after years of self-criticism and judgment from others. Also, I found my place as part of the huge organism our world is.” MIA GLADSTONE

MIA GLADSTONE is a spiritual and musical new radical taking a journey across the sonic spectrum.

Her musical voyage contains rest stops for vegan cuisine and workshops on self-love.

Also, vivid deconstructions of Instagram’s community guidelines and recording sessions for tracks about to re-align the pop scene.

MIA GLADSTONE – “Baby Don’t Worry” single

MIA GLADTONE - “Baby Don’t Worry” cover art

‘Baby Don’t Worry’ will be featured on MIA GLADSTONE’s upcoming EP, entitled, “Grow”. The anticipated project is set to be released on August 7, 2019.

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