Merseh - “Wild Opal (604 Sessions)” press photo

Merseh releases a lovely performance video for her “Animal (604 Sessions)” single

Merseh is an up-and-coming Iranian Canadian singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Not too long ago, she released a lovely performance video for her “Animal (604 Sessions)” single.

Merseh – “Animal (604 Sessions)”

“This song is electric with a hint of elegance, and it absolutely emanates the vibe in the room during its creation. With a pulsing touch of each artist, this dynamic collaboration is something fresh yet fiery. ‘Animal’ is about a fearless embracement of the darker side of your soulmate. It might be hard sometimes to have the patience and love required to tame that crazy inside of them, but your love runs so deep that you’re willing to be a bit of their prey. ‘Animal’ is powerful, divine, and fearless.” – Merseh explained

‘Animal (604 Sessions)’ is a rhythmic, drum-laden tune featured on Merseh’s dual single, entitled, “Wild Opal (604 Sessions),” which includes her “Beach House” single. The project is the fourth and final release from the 604 Sessions series.

Merseh – “Wild Opal (604 Sessions)” single

Merseh - “Wild Opal” song cover

‘Wild Opal (604 Sessions)’ got its name as a collaboration of themes between both songs on the record (Animal and Beach House). Wild is derived from the animalistic hunting theme and Opal is derived from the pearlescent beach theme, together making Wild Opal. Wild opals are semi-precious gemstones made up of fossilized raindrops and spiritually representing passion, faith, and confidence.

Merseh merges EDM and pop in a modern way. Her musical influences include Rufus du Sol, Flume, and Odesza. Merseh admires how they’ve changed the music industry by instilling their uniqueness through the creation of unfamiliar techniques to imprint their sound.

“Beach House (604 Sessions)” Behind the Scenes

“‘Beach House’ is about a sexy escapement of reality and defines what falling in love in paradise feels like. Collaborating with the talented Louise Burns and the legendary Tavish Crowe, we were able to capture what a true paradise looks like to us. Colorful sunsets, soft silver sands, bright diamond oceans, and just being surrounded by the depth of opals; these are all metaphors for a colorful and an in-depth connection one might find when falling in love. Eyes as shimmery as the sunset, body as soft as sand, and the mind as euphoric as the layers of opal. This velvety adventure was full of flirty and peaceful scenes.” – Merseh explained

Merseh is constantly aiming to create a fantasy-like experience for her listeners. Based on recent feedback, she’s paving her way to accomplishing these intentions. Within only three years of being a recording artist, she’s already caught the attention of, and signed songs to, labels such as 604 records, Monstercat, and Musical Freedom. Respectively, she’s captured the interest of the European, American, and Canadian market. As more eyes turn to her, her passion doubles. Currently, she’s working on her EP and album to share with the world.

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