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Melymel releases a music video for her “Cuando Salimos” single

Melymel (La mama del Rap) is the most respected Latin trap/Urbano Latino rapper in the Dominican Republic. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “Cuando Salimos”, a hot🔥single from her “Dragon Queen” album.

Melymel – “Cuando Salimos”

“When I made this record, I was in the studio with High Quality in New York. He was playing beats for me and when he played this one, the only thing I can think of was about life in the hood and the sounds of the streets. From that point on the lyrics just spilled out of me.” – Melymel

‘Cuando Salimos contains a relatable storyline and melodic raps. Also, it possesses a boomin’ instrumentation flavored with urban elements.

Melymel press photo

“‘Dragon Queen’ derived from my year of birth 1988, which according to the Chinese, was the year of the dragon. I am the dragon queen and a Latin queen. All the songs are special, each one has a unique story behind the curtain. From the muse to the creation process. Each song is like a son to whom you give all the best of you.” – Melymel

Not too long ago, Melymel released a music video for “IDGAF”, the lead single from her “Dragon Queen” album.

Melymel “IDGAF”

“My first single signed to Empire was “IDGAF”. I’m excited to be partnering with such an incredible group. I’m excited to get my music out to more people that don’t know me. Also, for those who know me, keep enjoying.” – Melymel

The Gabriel Lantigua-directed video was filmed in the Gauley hood in Santo Domingo. Also, it was filmed in a single extended shot while Melymel traveled through some of the country’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Melymel – “Dragon Queen”

Melymel - “Dragon Queen” artwork

“Making this album has been one of the most complicated processes that I have gone through. Not because of the realization of the songs but the situations that were presented in the realization of each project. Every time something like this happens, the result is very rewarding. I hope you enjoy the sound and can feel the effort that I put into each song. I want to thank God and everyone who participated in this album. Thanks to EMPIRE for believing in me and thanks to the fans for their support.” – Melymel

‘Dragon Queen’ is Melymel’s third album and a powerful nod to female empowerment. Also, it’s her first full-length release via EMPIRE, a label that’s known for signing Jon B, Tyga, Tego Calderón, and XXXtentacion. The album’s sound and its message will resonate well with listeners who are into Latin trap or urban music in general. Check it out and let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

“Dragon Queen”

We recommend adding Melymel’s “Cuando Salimos” single to your personal playlist.

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