Melly Rose press photo by @legendre_studios
Photo by @legendre_studios

Melly Rose x Skales release an appealing audiovisual for their “Shine Pon Me” single

Melly Rose is a singer-songwriter from Trinidad and Skales is a talented afrobeat sensation from Nigeria. Not too long ago, they released an appealing audiovisual for their inspiring soca single, entitled, “Shine Pon Me”, via AdvoKit Productions and Julianspromos.

Melly Rose x Skales – “Shine Pon Me” music video

“There is more than one way to express thankfulness, be it to a higher power, the people we love, or the music we connect with. One thing remains unchanged, with gratitude comes tender touch.” – Tender Touch Riddim Team

‘Shine Pon Me’ contains a positive narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and harmonious melodies that are certain to pull at your heartstrings. Also, the gratifying tune possesses joyful instrumentation flavored with soca, modern dancehall, and afrobeat elements. Furthermore, the vibrant music video calls for everyone to embrace the happiness they are experiencing.

Melly Rose

Melly Rose press photo

‘Shine Pon Me’ arrives at a crucial time when connecting with others has become more critical than ever. Therefore, music has become essential for our survival during global events like end SARS efforts, the Black Lives Matter movement, and combating the global pandemic. Recently, Melly Rose lost two people close to her due to COVID-19. So she is using this song as a vessel to honor their legacy and to uplift others who have suffered due to the pandemic. Also, “Shine Pon Me” serves as a reminder to be grateful for being alive. 

“Tender Touch Riddim”

Melly Rose x Skales - “Shine Pon Me” cover art

“Shine Pon Me” is featured on “Tender Touch Riddim”, a compilation featuring a blend of Afro/Caribbean talents including Nailah Blackman, Patrice Roberts, Hey Choppi, and Olatunji. 

We recommend adding Melly Rose’s and Skales’s “Shine Pon Me” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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