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Melanie Martinez releases an astonishing alt-pop single, entitled, “VOID”

Melanie Martinez is a multi-platinum, 12 billion-streaming singer-songwriter, filmmaker, and producer from New York City. Not too long ago, she released an astonishing alt-pop single, titled, “VOID,” via Atlantic Records.

Melanie Martinez – “VOID” single

“Pipe down with the noise, I cannot bear my sorrow. I hate who I was before, I fear I won’t live to see the day tomorrow. Someone tell me if this is Hell, I gotta escape that void, there is no other choice, yeah. Try to turn off the voices, the void ate me. Look at the mess I’ve done, there is nowhere to run, yeah. Holding a loaded gun, the void. Like a priest behind confession walls, I judge myself, kneeling on a metal grater. Bloody, like a body that has died, and it’s myself, tangled in my own intestines.” – lyrics

‘VOID’ tells an intriguing tale about a young woman who wants to alchemize the darkness within her. She’s trying desperately to escape the void she has made, but there’s no doorway out of her predicament. If there is, it’s too big for her to see. When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t like how her eyes are staring at her. “They seem so damn unhappy.” As she collects her fickle insecurities off the ground, listeners are happy to hear that she plans on turning her insecurities into beautiful things. With a heavy heart, the woman later admits, “I’m spinning around the corner, it’s tasting kinda lonely and my mind wants to control me. Empty, there’s rotten things left in me, injected by society, no one here but me to judge me.”

‘VOID’ contains a mental health-based narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and alluring melodies that will surely have you humming along after one listen. Depending on your mood, you might declare, “Melanie Martinez is my new favorite artist!” Or, something of that nature. Whatever the case may be, “VOID” is the lead single and a pivotal member of Martinez’s new 13-track album, entitled, “PORTALS.”

Melanie Martinez – “PORTALS” album

Melanie Martinez - “PORTALS” album cover art

“’Portals’ screams death is life is death is life is death is life. A continuous loop. A circle.” – Melanie Martinez stated

The alternative-pop earworm was written and produced by Martinez herself, and follows the release of the first track, “DEATH,” which has already earned Martinez her biggest first-week streams and marks her first week 1 Billboard Hot 100 debut of any original release to date.

Melanie Martinez – “DEATH” (Official Music Video)

The cinematic “DEATH” music video, directed, conceived, and costume designed by Melanie Martinez herself, arrived at a YouTube premiere with almost 80,000 fans tuned in. The video is still currently trending at #1 on YouTube for music and has already earned over 6 million official video views in just one weekend after release. The song was first teased with a series of otherworldly clips revealing the rebirth of fan-favorite character “Cry Baby,” quickly sparking a frenzy of theories from fans and garnering over 115 million views across socials.

Melanie Martinez – “K-12” album

Melanie Martinez – “K-12” album cover

PORTALS marks the 27-year-old singer’s first full-length release in nearly four years following her 2 billion-streaming, RIAA Gold-certified second album, “K-12,” which proved a sensation upon its September 2019 release, entering the Billboard 200 at #3 – Martinez’s highest chart placement thus far – with further debuts at #1 on the Alternative album chart, and #1 on the Soundtrack album chart.

‘K-12’ also serves as a soundtrack companion to an eerily enchanting musical film, written, directed, and starring Martinez, now with over 106M views to date via YouTube alone.

Melanie Martinez – “K-12” (The Film)

‘K-12’ was the 6th highest-grossing film in the US on the day of its September 3rd, 2019, theatrical release, with one-night-only screenings in over 425 cinemas in 32 countries.

Melanie Martinez – “Cry Baby (Deluxe Edition)” album

Melanie Martinez – “Cry Baby (Deluxe Edition)” album cover

Martinez truly set forth on what has proven a remarkable creative journey with her 2015 debut album, CRY BABY. An unforgettable collection of provocative alt-pop framed as a modern fairy tale, complete with storybook illustrations and a dramatic structure that takes listeners through the life of its title character, the album instantly affirmed the multi-talented Martinez as an irrefutable artistic icon, thanks in part to a phenomenally popular series of hit singles and imaginative self-directed visuals that have amassed over 6 billion total streams and 1.5 billion video views.

CRY BABY made its Billboard 200 debut at #6 upon its initial release while also entering the “Top Alternative Albums” chart at #1. In addition to its own 2x RIAA Platinum certification, all of the album’s 13 original tracks – as well as three further songs featured on the CRY BABY (DELUXE EDITION) – have now been certified Gold or Platinum by the RIAA.

Melanie Martinez – “Play Date” [Official Lyric Video]

CRY BABY took on a stunning second life in 2020 when the longtime fan-favorite “Play Date” exploded into a true alt-pop sensation with millions of user-generated videos across TikTok. Now boasting over 1B worldwide streams along with 2x RIAA Platinum certification, “Play Date” propelled CRY BABY back onto the upper half of the Billboard 200 more than five years after its initial release.

Billboard honored Martinez’s historic achievement, hailing her “committed aesthetic” while noting, “Instead of relying on hooks designed for Top 40, Martinez has found an audience by combining dark alt-pop, vulnerable storytelling, and a penchant for striking audio-visual ideas…The fact that (CRY BABY) has persisted on the album chart following its August 2015 release is a testament to the connection Martinez has developed with her listeners.”

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez - “PORTALS” press photo

Named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30 2021,” Melanie Martinez has brought her idiosyncratic vision to an array of diverse enterprises, including last year’s instantly sold-out collaboration with footwear brand, Koi. In addition to her myriad musical and visual efforts, Martinez has also shown herself to be an unforgettable live performer via sold-out headline shows and festival performances around the planet.

Recently, Martinez has made recent festival appearances at Lollapalooza Argentina (March 18), Lollapalooza Chile (March 19), Bogota, Columbia’s Estéreo Picnic (March 23), and Lollapalooza Brazil (March 25). The festivals saw Martinez performing as the new creature and debuting upcoming music for the very first time. A wide-ranging live schedule will be announced soon.

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