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MAYKA releases a poppin’ debut single, entitled, “Rich”

MAYKA is a Swedish producer, singer, and one-half of Stockholm’s electro-pop-rap-duo Death Team. Not too long ago, she released her poppin’ debut solo single, entitled, “Rich”.

MAYKA – “Rich”

“From the beginning, ‘Rich’ was about a relationship scenario. I pictured hanging with someone who’s just showing off, bragging, and being fake. But lately, the song feels more like a message from my subconscious to myself that I’m the one who should stop aiming for superficial goals like money and success. Either way, it’s about being more real and authentic, focusing on the joy of living, sharing and creating instead of chasing highs and trying to be something you’re not.” – M



“Soundwise, I think [Rich] feels like a perfect mix between MGMT, Lorde and Britney Spears. But with a little nice bass, hip-hop and trap stuff going on.”


Mayka + Death Team

Before Death Team, MAYKA rose to prominence in dance music as a DJ/producer. She played at parties across the US and Asia while running her own show on Swedish Radio P3. Her message: follow your dreams, don’t be afraid to fail, be who you want to be, and carve out your own place in society.

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