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Dive Deep Into Max McNown’s New Breakup Anthem, “Turned Into Missing You”

Max McNown (@maxmcnown) is a fast-rising, soon-to-be Nashville-based musician, and Billboard-charting singer-songwriter from Oregon. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his catchy breakup anthem, “Turned Into Missing You.”

Max McNown – “Turned Into Missing You” Video

“You haven’t crossed my mind in a month or so, and you probably moved on now, but I’ll never know. I swear I left it right where it was, guess I wasn’t driving fast enough cause it caught up. Turned on the radio and it was our song. Shoulda turned it off, but I just sang along. I got turned around in that setting sun, came back to and knew where I was. Turned down Haverhill Drive just like we used to, and it turned into missing you.” – lyrics

“Turned Into Missing You” serves as a sentimental taste of what listeners can expect to hear on Max McNown’s upcoming debut album, “Wandering,” available on the 12th of April 2024 via Fugitive Records in partnership with The Orchard. Honing in on intricate storytelling, the hotly-anticipated album shares anecdotes of intense heartache–examining everything from breakups to new love to the pain of watching family members overcome life’s biggest challenges.

Max McNown – “Wandering” album

Max McNown – “Wandering” album cover art

“Wandering” is a compelling convergence of folk and Country. The collection of songs shares stories of intense heartache, examining everything from breakups to new love to the pain of watching family members struggle. Produced by AJ Pruis, “Wandering” showcases an intricate musical palette rich in live instrumentation of fiddle, mandolin, dreamy pedal-steel tones, and spellbinding guitar work. Yet Max took care to foreground his lyrics on every track, viewing his songs as poems set to music.

Max McNown has already been on a storied musical journey. He belonged to a family where singing was second nature, and he listened to records by Tyler Childers, Lumineers, and Noah Kahan, drawn to their distinct voices and stories. After high school, Max decided to pursue a career in business management; but after two years, he felt compelled to make a change.

“Off a midnight kiss how did I get here?”

Max McNown - “Turned Into Missing You” alternative cover

“When I was younger, I sang around the house all the time—I’d sing in the shower or before I went to bed, I’d always sing in the car. My mom used to tell us growing up that singing means you have a happy heart. Even if the song’s about something difficult or painful, I still have a happy heart when I sing.” – Max McNown stated

Max took control of his future, overcoming personal challenges with mental health, and drawing inspiration from his brother who was bravely fighting cancer. He packed his car, with a last-minute gift from his dad of his prized guitar, and moved in with his uncle and aunt in Southern California with only a dream that he wanted to pursue music.

There, he honed his warm and soulful vocals by busking at the pier in San Clemente. When one of his admirers took to Facebook and posted a video of McNown performing a Zach Bryan track, Max saw an instant spike in his social media following and decided to share more of his music online.

Within just a year of releasing music, performing, and teaching himself to play guitar, Max has attracted the attention of major TV talent shows and then had a breakout single “A Lot More Free,” which landed on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart. Later, he released songs amassing over 22 million streams in his very first year of releasing music, all while bringing his debut album to life and expanding his burgeoning fanbase who have followed him on the journey every step of the way.

Max McNown – “Turned Into Missing You” single

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