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Fall in Love with Matthew Clanton’s “Lucky” Single

Matthew Clanton (@musicalmatthew) is a Maryland-raised, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released a lovely R&B single, “Lucky,” via Matthew Clanton Music.

Matthew Clanton – “Lucky” single

“It must’ve been a four-leaf clover. A lucky charm to bring you over. It coulda been that star I wished on when I was lonely last October. Maybe, God heard my prayers, or it’s that time of the year where Cupid’s shooting arrows all through the air. I don’t know but I know I love you. I’m hoping that you feel lucky too.” – lyrics

“Lucky” finds Matthew Clanton gifting listeners with an endearing song for Valentine’s Day. “Eight billion people in the world, can’t believe I found you, girl,” he sings to his significant other. “It’s amazing, what are the odds? Can’t believe the love that we got.”

“Lucky” features romantic and intimate acoustic guitar paired with soulful vocals that will resonate well with fans of Kehlani, Leon Thomas, Daniel Caesar, and SZA.

“How’d I get so lucky?”

Matthew Clanton press photo

“This song is special to me because it’s the first love song I’ve written while truly being in love. And as a (now former) hopeless romantic, it perfectly describes how lucky I feel.” – Matthew Clanton explained

Matthew Clanton’s music is an unfiltered representation of his heart and soul. In November 2023, he collaborated with music duo Crash Adams on a freestyle video that went viral with over 30+ million views across social media platforms.

Matthew has also collaborated with international producers, such as Neptunica, LANNÉ, and A-P Connection, on songs amassing over 20 million streams. In 2021, he was honored to be the cover of Spotify’s Main Stage Playlist with Neptunica and their song “Love Is Gone.” In January 2022, “Love is Gone” entered the Spotify Charts in Germany. With numerous collaborations in the works for 2024, Matthew plans to continue to break through on a global scale.

Matthew Clanton – “Lucky” single

Matthew Clanton - “Lucky” cover art

“You out this world onto new horizons. Being in your space I feel so enlightened. Ooh, you so rare just like catching lightning. How’d I get so? Swear I’m not just on that type of timing. Hitting you up tryna catch a vibe and you know that I’m in 100 percent.” – lyrics

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