Matt Storm – “Look at Me Baby” feat. Desirée Dawson copy

Matt Storm releases a romantic tune, entitled, “Look at Me Baby” featuring Desirée Dawson

Matt Storm is an easy-listening singer-songwriter from Vancouver B.C. Not too long ago, he released “Look at Me Baby”, a romantic tune from his upcoming EP featuring Desirée Dawson.

Matt Storm – “Look at Me Baby” feat. Desirée Dawson

“Look at me, baby, and tell me you love me. Tell me you need me before I go. ‘Cause I’m gonna miss ya and I’m gonna call ya. I’m hoping I see ya but if I don’t. Just know that time passes by and we forget what we had. So take this time to realize that you and I is what we have.” – lyrics

‘Look at Me Baby’ tells a story of a couple who are in love with each other. But a complication disturbs their happiness when the man has to one day leave home to go to a faraway land in search of something valuable. Although they are steadfast in their belief that they will once again be in each other’s arms, the pain of having to separate temporarily hurts them severely.

‘Look at Me Baby” contains a relatable narrative, soothing vocals, and an acoustic instrumentation oozing with a simplistic rhythm of love.

Matt Storm + Desirée Dawson

Matt Storm – “Look at Me Baby” feat. Desirée Dawson copy

“‘Look at Me Baby’ is all about trying to come to terms with distance during a relationship, expressing your love for each other, and enjoying your time together is important because it will be your source of strength when you’re apart.” – Matt Storm

When Matt Storm isn’t creating music, he’s helping other local artists realize their sonic vision as Orchid Studios’ house engineer. His sound can be described as indie soul, which plays on classic references such as Bill Withers and Donny Hathaway, intertwined with new sounds like Emily King, Nick Hakim, and Ray LaMontagne.

We recommend adding Matt Storm’s “Look at Me Baby” single to your personal playlist.

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