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Matilda Ella releases a groovy electro-pop tune, entitled, “Frequency”

Matilda Ella is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Rydaholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a groovy electro-pop tune, entitled, “Frequency”.

Matilda Ella – “Frequency” single

“The rhythm of your heartbeat is the sound of where I belong. Your smile always calms me. When I lose my cool you keep me strong. You always see the best in me even when I don’t.” – lyrics

‘Frequency’ tells a charming tale of a young woman who admits that she’s addicted to her significant other’s energy, and can’t seem to get enough of it. 

Apparently, she believes she and her sweetheart belong together, and feels at home when she is snuggled within her partner’s warm embrace.

Matilda Ella – “Frequency” single

Matilda Ella - “Frequency” cover art

“My music is about letting everything go, being carefree, and just having fun. It doesn’t have to be too complicated or too serious.” – Matilda Ella

Matilda Ella began playing music at the age of 3 when she got her first guitar.

At the age of fifteen, she was scouted for the Ace of Base cover band, Abase. But in 2015, the group split up and Matilda was left to pursue a solo music career.

Her musical influences include Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, and Little Mix.

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‘Frequency’ brings back the essence of early ‘90s house music. The infectious tune contains a relatable storyline, groovy bassline, and ear-welcoming vocals.

Also, the song follows in the heels of Matilda Ella’s previously released tune, entitled, “Bad For Me”.

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