Mathilde Widding - “Stronger : Love (and everything between)” press photo
Photo by Mathilde Sofie Henriksen

Mathilde Widding drops an introspective neo-soul single, entitled, “Stronger”

Mathilde Widding (@Mathilde Widding) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Norway. Not too long ago, she released an introspective neo-soul dual single, titled, “Stronger / Love (and everything between),” via SAYWORD.

Mathilde Widding – “Stronger / Love (and everything between)” dual single

“I change in a way when you’re around. Given me no choice, speaking me down. I know inside you’re the lower, pitty one. Can’t replace the time, no way around. What a pointless game makes no difference – the end. You don’t know me, don’t even know who I am. I fade you out knowing my lonely self. This is my closing, changing game.” – lyrics

‘Stronger’ tells an intriguing tale about a young woman who lives a demanding life, which at times, is consuming. But choosing to leave her past behind has benefitted her in so many ways.

‘Stronger’ contains honest lyrics and distinctively playful vocals that will surely resonate well with fans of Amy Winehouse. The up-tempo tune possesses thudding drums, groovy bass, and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a raw neo-soul sound. Furthermore, “Stronger” follows mildly on the heels of Mathilde Widding’s debut single, “Halfway,” which has received numerous positive reviews. Plus, “Stronger” and its complimentary other-half, “Love,” along with “Halfway,” will all be featured on Widding’s upcoming debut album.

Mathilde Widding

Mathilde Widding - “Stronger : Love (and everything between)” press photo
Photo by Mathilde Sofie Henriksen

‘Stronger’ is a personal journey of reflection, with the purpose to break free from the negative influences of the people around you. It is an inner confrontation of the past and how it has limited one’s own self-worth. To me, ‘Stronger’ is a deeply personal song and a statement of my own self-development.” – Mathilde Widding explained

Mathilde Widding is inspired by the ‘60s soul and contemporary music in genres such as soul and jazz. With her mature and playful vocals, she has already made an impression on the local music scene in Norway.

Mathilde Widding – “Stronger” single

Mathilde Widding - ““Stronger : Love (and everything between)” cover art
Photo by Mathilde Sofie Henriksen

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