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MassMusic releases a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Samantha”

MassMusic is a 4-piece rap outfit from Malaysia. Not too long ago, they released “Samantha”, a melodic rap tune from their “MassMusic, Vol. 1” project.

MassMusic – “Samantha”

“On to the next chapter, yeah she gon’ get with the player if you don’t got it delivered. She hopped in my coaster. She know she could live better and they don’t know better. But she gon’ use you for cheddar, my baby working the digits, yeah she came here collected. Samantha, Samantha, she sniffing on that cocaine. Samantha, Samantha. I got it right here for ya.” – lyrics

‘Samantha’ tells an interesting tale of a young woman who is considered to be bad, bougie, and toxic.

The catchy new-school hip-hop tune has received good reception from the public since its release.

So far, it has peaked at the #1 spot on the Malaysian Hit’z.FM Radio Station for 4 consecutive weeks.

“MassMusic, Vol. 1”

MassMusic + “MassMusic, Vol. 1” artwork

MassMusic consists of four high school friends: Alan Durairaj, Yue Wai Ming, Ilyas Abir, and Pawanraj Randhawa.

Within 12 months since their inception, the effervescent outfit has garnered two number one records via Hitz.FM’s Met 10.

Not too long ago, they shared the stage with Vince Staples and SZA at Good Vibes Festival Malaysia 2018.

Get acquainted with MassMusic’s sound by streaming their “MassMusic, Vol. 1” project via Spotify.

“MassMusic, Vol. 1”

We recommend adding MassMusic’s “Samantha” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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