marshall loren - Back On Me cover art

marshall loren releases a heartfelt emo-pop tune, entitled, “Back on Me”

marshall loren is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt emo-pop tune, entitled, “Back on Me”.

marshall loren – “Back on Me” single

“I said I know that we’re going different ways right now. Can’t help but think that you’re on your way back now. I know I’m the fool that let you go on the loose. Never thought I’d be the one that’s waiting for you.” – lyrics

 ‘Back on Me’ tells a bittersweet tale of a young guy who wants his ex-girlfriend back. Oftentimes, he reminisces about her and blames himself for their emotional breakup.

Later, he admits if he could change anything, he would have never let her go.

‘Back on Me’ contains a relatable storyline and harmonious vocals. Also, the likable tune possesses murky instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, trap, and urban-pop elements.  

“‘Back on Me’ is about ending a relationship with someone that you wish you hadn’t. You see them moving on a lot faster than you anticipated which makes you feel a loss. It’s about wanting that person back in your life. Also, it’s time to bring back the influences of the early 2000s emo scene. This song starts with an old-school steel guitar to bring back those elements that my generation grew up on. The melodies are reminiscent of younger years while having a modern flair. I want to bring back nostalgia for my generation and to show the new kids a style they might not have heard before.” – marshall loren

We recommend adding marshall loren’s “Back on Me” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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