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Effective marketing strategies to improve brand awareness

Brand awareness is vital to both traditional and digital marketing. It’s used to refer to the degree of recognition a consumer has of a brand. Whether it’s an older brand trying to dominate the market, or a new brand (like Squadhelp) making a name for itself, brand awareness is the key to the puzzle. The competition between businesses is becoming very heated, pushing many of them into a brand race to distinguish themselves from others.

Consumers’ recognition of a brand easily translates into sales. Especially when they have to pick a product that shares similarities with many unfamiliar brands. Some products are so similar that removing the packaging is enough to make them indistinguishable. In this race for recognition, new business owners can feel overwhelmed by the vast sea of strategies and tactics available. We’ll be sharing the most effective marketing strategies that can be used to maximize your brand awareness.

Utilizing Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing has made it possible for small businesses to increase brand awareness at a much quicker pace than before. Nowadays, your online presence can make or break your business. Without a well-thought-out marketing plan that includes calculated strategies, different marketing techniques, and necessary online tools, it will be much harder to reach your targeted audience, let alone expand your reach. Your online presence goes beyond just a skillfully-crafted website. Focusing on social media platforms isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity for the survival of your business in our digital world.

Social Media Marketing to improve brand awareness

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Recent statistics show that about 33% of online consumers use social media to seek out different products and services they are interested in. This is why you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss running ads on different social media networks. People who work in the music industry, for example, know how crucial and effective social media marketing can be.

Amber Curtis from AMW Music Group says that a public relations professional can increase the awareness of a musician through campaigns and networking. It’s critical to study your target audience’s personas. Therefore, running highly targeted ads won’t pay off unless you understand how you can make use of its full potential. Your marketing team should do comprehensive studies to understand your buyer’s mindset, preferred social media networks, and other preferences that might be vital to take into account.

Influencer Marketing

Using influencers to increase brand awareness is one of the most proven and effective ways to push your brand to the top. While we’re bombarded all the time with celebrities and other high-profile figures with brand advertisements, it doesn’t mean that it is the only way to do it.

Micro-influencers are starting to dominate the influencer market as consumers are becoming more interested in a more personal approach. Finding influencers who share the same background or interest in a niche you provide is the best start. As these influencers start mentioning or talking about your product, their audience would seriously consider it because of the influencer’s reputation.

Branded Packaging

You wouldn’t believe how a simple concept like branded packaging can cause your sales and brand awareness to skyrocket. Properly branded packaging can change the outlook of a consumer on a brand. Also, it can even make it seem like a gift from the company. While the product’s use is the main benchmark, the packaging allows a business to persuade consumers to try it for the first time. Unique designs of packaging allow a story to be told and connect with the consumer through graphical means.

Search Engine Optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another digital marketing tool that’s shaping the grounds of competition between different businesses.

No matter how great your product is, if online users are unable to find it on the first page of their search engine, it’s basically non-existent in their world.

Businesses looking for prospects have the upper hand on their competitors if they’re able to appear unique in the same field. Different niches of products and services require different approaches to SEO tactics. So make sure you do your research on specific topics or niches. Knowing the keywords that people are looking for through your research will enable you to use them effectively to your advantage to increase brand awareness.

Google Ads

While gaining organic traffic through SEO can be your winning ticket, bolstering your brand by using Google Ads is a surefire way to boost your brand awareness. It’s pretty complicated to study your audience and start chasing after them on different apps and websites. There are auto ads that can do this job for you by using machine learning techniques to automatically place your website on the right sites for your brand. This way you can easily improve brand recognition without having to do all the work.

As technology progresses, consumers are expecting high-quality brands to shine through their market. Investing in brand awareness should never be seen as a compromise because it’s directly related to sales and other marketing metrics. No one strategy works for all companies, so try to find the most effective strategy that works for you and focus on implementing it.

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