Marie Lang press photo by Mahir Jahmal cropped
Photo by Mahir Jahmal

Marie Lang releases a wonderful debut EP, entitled, “Body”

Marie Lang is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Vienna, Austria. Not too long ago, she released a lovely debut EP, entitled, “Body”.

The five-track project finds Lang in a vulnerable position. She utilizes divine lyricism and enchanting vocals to vividly portray the cycles of lust, love, and sadness that come from interpersonal relationships.

Marie Lang – “Body” EP

Marie Lang - Body EP cover by Mahir Jahmal
Photo by Mahir Jahmal

“I lived in three different cities, went through multiple break-ups. Reconnected with family and old friends. Lost myself, found myself, thought I lost myself again and made my first EP.” – Marie Lang

In a nutshell, “Body” highlights a bittersweet moment or a culmination of the past two years in Lang’s life. The project finds the charismatic songstress channeling her female energy which stems from her upbringing as the daughter of a single mother.

Also, the EP portrays femininity in all its shapes and nuances. Plus, it gives a glimpse into the balancing act of a young woman seeking her path through her 20s while chasing dreams and getting caught up in one or the other relationship.

Marie Lang – “Comfort Zone” lyric video

“Four in the morning I can’t sleep. You lay beside me deep in your dreams. Wanna get up, get out of these sheets. There is no place that we go from here. Been trying to know you but if I’m real. I only know the good parts we share. I know you want me, but lately, we stuck in a comfort zone.” – lyrics

One of the standout tracks from the EP includes “Comfort Zone”, which takes listeners on a sonic journey through the early stages of a relationship.

‘Comfort Zone’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses luxurious instrumentation flavored with neo-soul and contemporary R&B elements.

Marie Lang

Marie Lang press photo by Rona Liana
Photo by Rona Liana

Marie Lang, a Berklee College of Music graduate, is a name you should remember and an exciting artist to watch. Her welcoming voice has sounded its way into the warm hearts of fans and critics alike.

Her music snuggly fits in the same sonic ballpark as songs created by Sinead Harnett, Cleo Sol, and ELIZA. Also, her musical influences include Destiny’s Child and Lauryn Hill.

Stream “Body” via Apple Music

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