Marcus Amaya press photo

Marcus Amaya releases a groovy neo-reggae love tune, entitled, “Fire”, featuring J Sexton

Marcus Amaya is a singer-songwriter from South Florida. Not too long ago, he released a groovy neo-reggae love tune, entitled, “Fire”, featuring rapper J Sexton.

Marcus Amaya – “Fire”

“I can feel the fire burning, the sun is sinking low. Let’s get this party started, move ya body and lose control.” – lyrics

‘Fire’ contains a relatable storyline, heartfelt vocals, and lush instrumentation flavored with neo-reggae and modern dancehall elements. Also, the song tells a feel-good story of people having fun at a party and enjoying themselves in a warm-weather locale. 

Marcus Amaya – “Fire”

Marcus Amaya – “Fire” artwork
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“Soaked in the warm tropical sunsets of South Florida, this track is a love song to nights we may not remember, but friends we’ll never forget.” – Marcus Amaya

Marcus Amaya is described as Ed Sheeran and Dirty Heads spiced with pepper. But growing up as a child from a broken home, it was difficult for him to express his musical gifts. It wasn’t until after being forced to live on his own and fend for himself at the age of fifteen that he discovered his purpose.

Since then, Amaya has become a voice for change. Not too long ago, he met with mayors, city leaders, and other organizations to express his interest in spreading positive messages through music.

Marcus Amaya

Marcus Amaya press photo
“You should never be afraid to love unconditionally, yet be fierce enough to stand up for what you believe in. Music is the key.” – Marcus Amaya

Marcus has performed in a range of venues, from festivals to intimate private events. He gigs regularly and captivates his audiences by fusing tropical rhythms with head-bumping hip-hop and R&B beats. Also, he’s a self-taught guitarist and vocalist who draws inspiration from other artists and the ever-changing world around him.

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