Malin Pettersen press photo
Photo by Lotte Thor

Malin Pettersen releases an appealing music video for her “Cry If I Want To” single featuring Bergljot Bjella

Malin Pettersen, known for her captivating country and bluegrass melodies, is a singer-songwriter from Norway. After an introspective journey of self-discovery, she makes a groundbreaking transition into uncharted musical territory with the release of her “Cry If I Want To” single featuring Bergljot Bjella.

Malin Pettersen – “Cry If I Want To” music video featuring Bergljot Bjella

‘Cry if I Want To’ expresses exactly what it sounds like; embracing the vulnerability that comes with nourishing your emotions. Encouraging emotional authenticity, Malin Pettersen defies the stigma surrounding tears, reminding viewers and listeners that it’s okay to seek solace in a shared human experience. With heartfelt introspection, she embarks on an internal dialogue, weaving a tapestry of self-discovery and resilience, inspiring listeners to confront their own emotions and emerge stronger.

Teaming up with a collaborator whose voice resonates with her vision, Pettersen enlisted the help of Bergljot Bjella to bring her vision to life—a younger artist in a different stage of life, with a timbre that beautifully complements her own. Together, they elevate the second verse, adding an enchanting layer of harmony to the narrative. Malin Pettersen sings, “They say that you gotta try to be strong, I know. But how can you hold on when it won’t let you go?”

“Cry If I Want To”

Malin Pettersen press photo
Photo by Lotte Thor

Embracing Malin Pettersen’s childhood influences of R&B and jazz, “Cry If I Want To” promises to redefine her boundaries of pop music. While country and bluegrass served as a natural starting point for Pettersen, owing to her father’s rich musical legacy, her evolution as an artist calls for a bold departure from the familiar. Immersed in the timeless harmonies of her favorite Destiny’s Child songs, Pettersen embarks on an extraordinary journey of self-exploration, determined to push the boundaries of her own musicality.

Renowned for her commitment to innovation, Pettersen eagerly embraces the ever-changing landscape of music, reveling in the emergence of new sounds and trends. Drawing inspiration from the soul-stirring melodies of the ‘90s, she skillfully infuses her unique perspective with a modern twist, seamlessly delving into a myriad of musical rabbit holes where both hip-hop and guitars from her childhood make appearances.

Stories seem to follow Malin Pettersen wherever she goes, whether it’s in the streets of Oslo, Norway, or in the quaint neighborhoods of Nashville, Tennessee. With her two releases on Die With Your Boots On Records, Pettersen has become a popular artist in Norway and a name people notice internationally. The attention has resulted in a Spellemann Award (Norwegian Grammy), an appearance on Lindmo, the role of an expert judge in Stjernekamp, and mentions on the websites of notable media outlets.

Malin Pettersen – “Cry If I Want To” single

Malin Pettersen - “Cry If I Want To” cover art

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