MAKOLA releases a powerful music video for their “Crown” single

MAKOLA (K Mensah and Pete.H) is a London-based hip-hop/grime duo. Not too long ago, they released a powerful music video for their “Crown” single.

MAKOLA – “Crown”

“The idea for the track was conceived upon hearing the news that Wiley had been awarded an MBE which he accepted. It got me thinking what does it actually stand for and who are the real kings and queens of our modern day society?” – K Mensahsaid about the song

The SM+QS-directed video finds a shirtless Mensah rapping revolutionary raps in a dark room with sweat racing down his head and body. He raps from a leadership role and speaks for the people when he tells the powers to be that he will not bow to their monarchy, and questions who wears the crown now. Apparently, not the powers to be because the power now belongs to the people.

Also, the video finds producer Pete.H hiding in the shadows as he operates an active beat machine. A hidden projector beams projected images on a projection screen located behind Mensah. The images include biblical references, street protests, and historical figureheads who once wore the British crown.



“‘Crown’ contains informative raps, psychotic but controlled energy, and a combative instrumentation implanted with a haunting soundscape.”

K Mensah and Pete.H have roots in Finland and Ghana, but they created their sound in London, England. Their first headline gig was at KOKO in Camden, which sold out. Since then, they have gone on to perform at major festivals across the UK and Europe.

Therefore, we recommend adding MAKOLA’s “Crown” single to your personal playlist.

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