Maia Zakay - “#Speakup” photo

Maia Zakay releases an honest R&B tune, entitled, “2 Nice”

Maia Zakay is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Not too long ago, she released an honest R&B tune, entitled, “2 Nice”.

Maia Zakay – “2 Nice” single

“If you ever feel like you are too nice to certain people and all you get is sh*t back, then this song is definitely for you. I wrote this song when I realized that I am done letting people treat me badly. And that I am going to start standing up for myself in those situations.” – Maia Zakay

‘2 Nice’ tells a bittersweet tale of a young woman who is sick and tired of being nice to her significant other. Apparently, she is angry for allowing her partner to take advantage of her kindness. Later, she admits that’s she’s waterproof while tears stream down her enchanted face.

‘2 Nice’ contains a relatable narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable song possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary R&B and urban-pop elements. Furthermore, “2 Nice” serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on Maia Zakay’s debut album, entitled, “#Speakup”.

Maia Zakay – “#Speakup” album

Maia Zakay - “#Speakup” album cover

Maia Zakay wants listeners to realize that when they are feeling down or going through hard times, they are not alone. She hopes her songs can help listeners in any way, shape, or form. We recommend adding her “2 Nice” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about her “#Speakup” album in the comment section below.

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