Mack Keane - “Chances” press photo
Photo by Mark Peaced

Discover the Moving Black-and-White Music Video for Mack Keane’s “Chances” Single

Mack Keane is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released a moving black-and-white video for his “Chances” single via multi-award-winning label, Platoon.

Mack Keane – “Chances” music video

“I really wanted to do a video that showed the real emotional expression of the song, focused on me and my performance. We thought breaking the fourth wall would help increase that raw feeling.” – Mack Keane stated

Directed by C.T. Robert and Aye’lesha Gibson, with creative direction by Paris Cole, the video is inspired by the French director Fabien Baron. It finds Mack Keane in his first solo music video, performing choreography by Brian Drake, in an honest, natural light to highlight the emotional expression of the song.

Mack Keane – “Chances”

Mack Keane - “Chances” video still photo

“There was a lot of emotion poured into it. But ultimately, I feel that this final version is the best representation of what I always wanted the record to be.” – Mack Keane stated

“Chances” was written by Mack Keane, and co-produced by Aabo, with contributions from his frequent collaborators Mauricio Guerrero (guitar), Cory Kenji (bass), and Jayvid Borja (congas). Mack created a vulnerable and cathartic track about letting go and being grounded in present reality. The nostalgic, 70s-inspired R&B conga-driven slow jam captures the freeing moment of accepting what you cannot control.

According to Mack, he wrote the original ideation of the song in December 2021 and went through over 12 iterations to get the final version we have today.

Mack Keane

Mack Keane - “Chances” video still photo

Mack Keane grew up in a family of musicians. Therefore, it’s only natural that he thrives as an artist, producer, songwriter, and performer. But above all else, Mack is a storyteller, deeply in tune with his surroundings, channeling his experiences into melodies and lyrics.

While his earlier work was largely self-produced, Keane has begun tapping into the energy and inspiration of new collaborators. In 2022, he released his widely renowned EP, “Intersections,” with Soulection mainstay ESTA, which included the lauded single “O.M.L.” featuring fellow R&B up-and-comer DESTIN CONRAD.

The year also brought along collaborations with Kaytranada, Joyce Wrice, UMI, Ambré, and more. Mack’s new era sees him more vulnerable than ever before, driven by the clarity of self-reflection and unapologetic honesty. With his most authentic music on the horizon, Mack Keane is grounded in the present, enjoying every step of his ascent.

Mack Keane – “Chances” single

Mack Keane - “Chances” cover art
Photo by Mark Peaced

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