Lyric reveals his top 5 tips on how to take care of your natural hair

Lyric is a natural hair and body stylist out of Coney Island, New York, and owner of the popular Music to Your Hair & Body Care salon in Jamaica-Queens. He has groomed Lamar Odom, Beanie Man, Jose Reyes, and even worked his magic on LL Cool J’s children’s hair.

We interviewed the in-demand beautician, who considers himself a ‘dreadlocktician’, at his salon. And during our wonderful conversation, he revealed his top 5 tips on how to care for natural hair.

How did Music to Your Hair & Body Care originate?

Lyric: When I was younger, my friends gave me the name Lyric because they said I had the gift of gab or an aptitude for speaking fluently. So after a while, the name stuck, and an idea formed in my head when I heard the ‘Music to Your Ears’ phrase, which means something that you are pleased to hear about.




Lyric and ‘Music to Your Ears’ go together. So, I remixed it, and that’s when I came up with ‘Music to Your Hair’ because I’m in the hair business. Afterward, I felt good because music is universal, and it’s something that brings people together.

What events lead up to you becoming a stylist?

L: I started off as a barber, and I started cutting hair when I was around 14 years old. My mother would buy me nice things, but certain things I wasn’t able to get. So, she told me, if I wanted those things, I had to work hard to get it.

So, I found many odd jobs. I packed bags in the supermarkets and recycled bottles for 5 cent refunds. I did flyer jobs, and then I got involved in barbering.

At the time, there was a young barber in my neighborhood, and he was extremely good at haircutting. When I saw money transferring from his clients’ hands into his’, I was hooked immediately because he got paid as soon as he did the job. He didn’t have to wait for a paycheck.  

What do you consider yourself?    

L: A natural hairstylist with skills in the field of haircutting/barbering. A dreadlocktician. Also, scalp treatment, and disorder engineer. 

I transition damaged hair from its chemical state, back to its natural beginning. I also educate people on how to take good care of their hair. How not to alter it, and there are other options as far as heat damage is concerned. I also do weaves, braids, arch eyebrows, and hair coloring.

What’s the biggest misconception about you?

L: Normally, when people hear that I do hair, they naturally assume I am a barber.



When did you realize that you wanted to become a natural hairstylist?

L: I entered the stylish era in ’95. I was working at a salon, where I was introduced to doing dreadlocks and twists. In that environment, I became very interested in becoming a hairstylist because of the money factor.

When I moved on to another salon, they were doing a lot of chemical treatment. I saw what the chemicals were doing to the women’s scalps, and how their hair responded positively to natural treatment.

What hair product should everyone have at home?  

L:  There’s a line of different Castile Soaps brands that you can use. I recommend Dr. Bronner’s, either peppermint or the lavender. 

Lyric + Dr. Bronners Castile Soap

Lyric + Dr. Bronners Castile Soap

There are other lines of soaps out there, but Dr. Bronner’s soaps are what I use to wash my clients’ dreadlocks thoroughly. They give me the best lathering and cleansing sensation, and they also have good fragrance and scent. Dr. Bronner’s soaps can also be used to wash clothes. Also, I use it to wash my floors.

Another product I recommend is my ‘Music to Your Hair’ shea body butter, which also comes in mango.

Lyric + Music to Your Hair Body Care

Lyric + Music to Your Hair Shea Butter

I believe every household should have one because it deeply moisturizes and has lots of healing properties. The therapeutic oils that I mix are blended with lots of love.

What’s your most memorable hairstyling moment?

L: I had Beanie Man come on Jamaica Avenue to a salon where I was working. Word got around that I was doing his hair. The next thing I know, people started gathering around the salon. It was epic. I gained a lot of customers that day and my popularity grew.

What advice would you give to an aspiring hairstylist?

L: Be consistent. Stay focus on your dream, and know that everything in nature takes time to develop. Focus on your craft and be willing to grow. Also, having experience is key. So utilize whatever you can from the experiences of other stylists.

Have a good relationship with your clients and don’t be greedy for money. Set your standards high and make sure you get compensated for your work. But mistreat one person, and they might not come to you again. So having a good relationship with your clients is key because relationships can take you much further than money can.

How can people get in contact with you?  

L: Just Google ‘Music to Your Hair’ or hit me up on Instagram @music2urhair.

Lyric’s Top 5 Natural Hair Tips



Try to stay away from altering your hair because your natural hair is a coil. For example, when you look at a spring, you will notice that the compression of that spring, especially when you press it down, it has a bounce to it.

But when you stretch it out, the spring loses its elasticity, and it doesn’t give you the same bounce as before. Because when it was stretched out, it became difficult to reverting it back to its original state, and that’s how our natural hair is.  



Some people shy away from chemical treatments, but then they blow out their hair. Not knowing that if you blow out your hair with extremely tense heat, you can straighten out your hair’s coil to a point where it won’t receive its elasticity. Meaning—it won’t be able to convert back to its natural state because it has been altered.

Distorted hair will hang and become loose, and not firm or tight. Also, watch out for heat alteration and intense heat, and be aware of the temperature that you are pressing or blow-drying your hair with. Try to use low heat and not intense heat.


Excessive washing is another concern. I see a lot of people washing their hair excessively. What they are doing is taking out the natural oils that are produced and generated from the scalp; which have to be replenished and put back.


Lyric + Hair Washing

Also, watch out for harsh shampoos, and be aware of the type of soaps that you are using on your hair and body.


Use therapeutic oils or natural oils. Mix them with water, preferably a 60/40 ratio, with water being the dominant element. After that’s done, put the mixture inside of a spray bottle. Also, you can spray your hair periodically, as needed.


Coconut Oil + Lyric

Three oils I would recommend using is grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil.    


A lot of times people tend to use a lot of hair wraps or ties. But be constantly aware of what types of wraps and ties you are using, especially in the wintertime. People use a lot of knitted wool/acrylic hair gear. If so, its interior should be lined with some type of smooth nylon/silk fabric, so the wool/acrylic doesn’t eat away at your natural hair follicle.

If knitted wool/acrylic hair gears are used on a regular basis, you will find that you will start scratching. The scratching is coming from the irritation of the material.

Also, knitted wool/acrylic hair gears will absorb the natural oils from your hair and make it dry. With the changing weather conditions, you will start to develop a lot of dry scalp issues, and that can open a whole new can of worms.

My advice is to use silk, nylon, or some type of silky smooth fabric that doesn’t absorb around your hairline and scalp.  


Extreme hair coloring is a big trend nowadays. But when your hair goes through extreme levels of hair coloring, it becomes an issue. Especially when you lift the levels of black and go into lighter colors such as bronze, gold, different shades of brown, blonde, aqua/fun colors, etc. There’s an alteration factor that can happen.

You have to be aware of how to apply these colors. Also, you have to know that these colors will put your hair in a very peculiar state as if you have permed or blown dried it excessively.

Hair coloring is something you should look out for when dealing with natural hair care. Maybe you should look into other ways of coloring your hair like using hair chalk, etc.

Also, there are lots of things on labels that seem appealing, but the end results can be disastrous. So make sure you check your product to see if your ingredients are 100 percent natural.

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