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Experience the Power of Letting Go with Lyhz’s New “Temporary” Single

Lyhz (@l.yhz) is an independent singer-songwriter from Toronto, ON, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt R&B single, “Temporary.”

Lyhz – “Temporary” single

In life, we often find ourselves clinging to things that are only meant to be temporary. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or an opportunity, we hold on tightly, hoping that it will become a permanent fixture in our lives. But more often than not, these things slip through our fingers, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and longing for something more. Lyhz understands this feeling all too well. She wrote “Temporary” from a place of constant disappointment, where everything she valued seemed to be fleeting. But instead of dwelling on the frustration, she found power in letting go.

It’s only when we release the things that don’t serve us that we create space for the things that are truly meant for us. For Lyhz, this concept of temporary extends beyond just her job pursuits including being a temp/contract worker. It also seeps into her love life, where she found herself stuck in short-term talking stages that never developed into long-term relationships. Like many of us, she desires connections and opportunities that are built to last, rather than just here for a moment.


Lyhz - “Temporary” press photo

“I wrote ‘Temporary’ coming from a place of constant disappointment that opportunities, relationships, and people around me, that I longed to hold as permanent fixtures in my life, were constantly fleeting, in stark contrast to how I valued them. Despite the disappointment, this is a reflection on the power of letting go of all that is temporary, to make room for the acceptance that growth is moving on from short-term situations and relationships. It is only when we let go of things that don’t serve us, do we give ourselves space to find and accept everything we are truly destined for.” – Lyhz explained

Lyhz is a passionate creative influenced by the culture, soul, and expression of ‘90s artists such as Brandy, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Blaque, and SWV. Her musical journey builds on the legacies of the African American soul and contemporary styles prevalent in her city. Lyhz developed her sense of identity in music following early exposure to gospel, soul, jazz, and R&B.

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While it’s natural to long for permanence in certain areas of our lives, we must also accept that some things are meant to be temporary. People, opportunities, and relationships come and go, and it’s important to allow them to run their course. “Temporary” serves as a reminder to embrace the transient nature of life. By letting go of what doesn’t serve us, we create space for what truly belongs in our lives. So, instead of holding on tightly to the temporary, let’s learn to let go and trust that something better is waiting for us.

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