LYGA press photo
Photo by Rich Peterson

LYGA releases a music video for his “Think I’m in Love” single

LYGA (Jordan Lyga) is a pop singer from Fountain City, Wisconsin. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Think I’m in Love” single.

LYGA – “Think I’m in Love”

“This song is part two of a three part trilogy (Cloud 9, Think I’m in Love, Starting Tonight) detailing the steps we go through at the end of a relationship. This one, in particular, is where you’ve broken up, but haven’t quite quit on each other yet. You inadvisably start hanging out with each other again and start to rekindle a hope that you are going to get back together.” – LYGA

The Justin Staggs-directed video finds LYGA and his love interest inside a church building. The following scenes show them dancing and expressing their love for each other.

‘Think I’m in Love’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming pop vocals, and an upbeat instrumentation flavored with a commercial pop scent. 


LYGA press photo
Photo by Ben Enke

LYGA’s first taste of musical success came as the lead singer for the pop-rock outfit, The Fast Track, which he started with his friend and former bandmate, Phil Petersen. They recorded three EPs, toured the U.S., but disbanded in 2011.

Afterward, LYGA moved to Minneapolis and joined forces with songwriter Phil Solem of The Rembrandts, who co-wrote and recorded Jordan’s debut solo album, entitled, “Who I Am”, under the stage name Alex Jordan, which he later ditched.

Currently, LYGA is working on his third studio album with producer John Fields (Jonas Brothers, Switchfoot, Andrew W.K.).

We recommend adding LYGA’s “Think I’m in Love” single to your personal playlist.

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