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Lydia Evangeline releases an emotive pop tune, entitled, “Perfect Once”

Lydia Evangeline is a singer-songwriter based in Brighton, England. Not too long ago, she released an emotive pop tune, entitled, “Perfect Once”.

Lydia Evangeline – “Perfect Once” single

“As with most of my songs, the lyrics to ‘Perfect Once’ are very literal; ‘I didn’t throw our pictures out, they’re under my bed inside a tin.’ I literally did not throw our pictures out, they really are under my bed inside a tin. It’s about the struggle of letting go and being reluctant to get rid of every little trace of the past. Being scared of the permanence of deleting memories and throwing away old photos.”  – Lydia Evangeline

‘Perfect Once’ contains a relatable storyline, pleasing vocals, and modest instrumentation scented with an indie-pop aroma.

Lydia Evangeline

Lydia Evangeline press photo

“I started this song at home on my piano, sat in front of my journal just reading and singing and playing around until I got the basic bare bones of the song. It sat unfinished for a while in my voice notes until I went on a trip to Nashville and was set up to do a last-minute writing session that wasn’t actually meant to happen on my last day with the wonderful Tommy Sjöström. Finishing the song came so easily in that session. I’m so glad we ended up writing otherwise it’d probably still be sat buried somewhere in my phone.” – Lydia Evangeline

Lydia Evangeline starting her music career on YouTube as part of Wayward Daughter.

She soon became a known name, with over 17M streams on Spotify and 87,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Also, she has written and featured on Gareth Emery’s hit single, “Reckless”, and toured alongside Elton John as a session musician.

‘Perfect Once’  is the final single from Lydia Evangeline’s latest EP, entitled, “Twenty Four”.

The 5-track project takes listeners on an emotional journey from the piano-driven, emotive “24” to the feel-good summer anthem, entitled, “Still Love You”.

Lydia Evangeline – “Twenty Four” EP

Lydia Evangeline - “Crashing Down” artwork

“My lyrics usually come after the development of melodies and chords. I tend to get inspired by the feelings the music itself emotes. But with ‘Perfect Once’ I tried something a little different, and allowed the words to dictate what came next. I’m not much of a ‘Dear Diary’ type girl, but last year I decided to keep a journal, to help me process my feelings, and I’m so glad I did because it makes up most of the lyrics on this EP.” – Lydia Evangeline

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