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Luna Kat releases a vibey indie-pop tune, entitled, “Anxiety”

Luna Kat is an independent singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, she released a vibey indie-pop tune, entitled, “Anxiety.”

Luna Kat – “Anxiety” single

“Give me the keys, I need to get away. Stuck in place like I’m in a video game. And I really don’t feel the need to explain, if it’s a phase or if it’ll just go away. I get a little bit stressed sometimes when I think about the problems with you and I. And I get a little bit sad because you asked for the truth. But the truth is, I messed it up and all my answers were a cover-up. Truth is, I wasn’t okay, didn’t know what to say.” – lyrics

‘Anxiety’ tells a relevant tale about a young woman who feels insecure because she assumes her friends are doing better in life than she is. Also, she worries when she thinks about the uncertainty of the future. That uneasiness bothers her a lot and oftentimes she is stressed. Later, she admits that she overthinks and second-guesses everything.

“You would know that I needed more than air, I needed you there.”

Luna Kat press photo

“‘Anxiety’ is a record that is deeply personal but fun. It is about coming to terms with my anxious thoughts, how they make me feel, how they impact my relationships with others, and most importantly what it feels like literally and metaphorically.” – Luna Kat explained

Luna Kat is an Aussie girl who grew up between Sydney, Shanghai, and New York City. She is inspired by the global music and art scene. Her work is bedroom-pop with influences of indie, R&B, and the chill vibes of lo-fi aesthetic. In addition to writing her own music, Luna also does her own graphics and lyric video production.


Luna Kat - what does it feel like to you_ purple

“In the chorus, I talk about how it feels like ‘roots growing in my chest.’ There is a misunderstanding that mental health is all about what’s going on in your head but strong emotions can be felt physically/literally. Anxiety has often been described as a dull constricting feeling in the chest (true in my case). Also, I describe it as a ‘tropical storm coming at you that you can’t see.’ Which is a more metaphorical take on how it seemingly comes out of nowhere and turns everything upside down.” – Luna Kat explained

Luna Kat - Loading my anxiety

“The production of the track and the visuals are intentionally upbeat and bubbly to contrast the more ‘real’ serious tone of the lyrics. This keeps the overall feel of the song upbeat and enjoyable. At the end of the day, we all go through some sh*t and I want us all to laugh and have fun through the tough times as best as we can. I hope ‘Anxiety’ successfully conveys these I emotions.” – Luna Kat explained

‘Anxiety’ follows hot on the heels of Luna Kat’s previously released single, entitled, “Be With You.”

“Anxiety” single

Luna Kat - “Anxiety” song cover art

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