Luminosity Makes BIG Moves New York 2024

Luminosity Gaming Kicks Off 2024 with Luminosity Makes BIG Moves New York

Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. (“Enthusiast Gaming” or the “Company”) (TSX: EGLX) announced Luminosity Gaming, the Company’s esports brand and one of the largest gaming and esports organizations in the world, in partnership with Even Matchup Gaming, will kickoff 2024 with the first major Super Smash Bros tournament of the year: Luminosity Makes BIG Moves New York.

Back in New York City for the fifth time, Luminosity Makes BIG Moves welcomes players from all over the world and will host the top 10 ranked North American players for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including MkLeo, Tweek, Sonix, and Maister, all of whom will compete under the Luminosity Gaming banner.

Luminosity Makes BIG Moves New York

Luminosity Makes BIG Moves New York schedule

“Luminosity remains committed to bolstering the Smash community. As we aim to push the boundaries of Smash, these tournaments promise to deliver exciting competitions that resonate with fans.” — stated Alex Gonzalez, Head of Luminosity at Enthusiast Gaming

The three-day event at the New Yorker Hotel will be co-hosted by Luminosity creator and streamer Coney on a special Twitch co-stream of “Coney’s Corner,” where Coney will commentate live on the tournament and create a casual environment for players to join him to discuss the tournament and event between matches. Fans can follow all the official tournament action live on Luminosity Gaming’s Twitch channel.

Luminosity Makes Moves’

Luminosity Makes Moves‘ last event was in October with Luminosity Make Moves Miami and will debut the inaugural Luminosity Make Moves Toronto this September in Canada, solidifying Luminosity’s footprint in the Super Smash Bros. community. The success of the Luminosity Smash YouTube channel, featuring top content creators and Smash events, is a testament to the community’s enthusiasm and Luminosity’s commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

“Luminosity is on a mission to elevate the esports landscape and captivate fan audiences through the exhilarating Luminosity Make Moves live events,” said Nick Brien, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming. “The symbiotic relationship between content creation and live events stands out as a cornerstone in our strategy to broaden our fandom, seamlessly connecting online engagement with the electrifying experience of in-person tournaments.”

For more information about Luminosity Makes BIG Moves New York, please visit the event website at and tune into the broadcast on Luminosity’s Twitch channel.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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