Lulu Rose

Lulu Rose releases a sensual pop tune, entitled, “NSA”

Lulu Rose is a Los Angeles-based pop singer from Poland. Not too long ago, she released a sensual pop tune, entitled, “NSA”.

Lulu Rose – “NSA”

“Maybe you can be the one I use every night. But don’t you kiss and tell a single time. ‘Cause it’s half past three and I can’t get you out of my mind. I think about you all of the f*cking time. There are not many things I wouldn’t try. Maybe, tonight.”

‘NSA’ tells the tale of a woman who’s in a romantic relationship with a man she’s in love with. They’re not married, so there are no strings attached. But there’s a strong physical attraction between them and they can’t stay apart from each other for too long. Even though she wouldn’t mind them communicating with words, she would rather their bodies do the talking. Therefore, their late-night sessions are usually hot and erotic and she’s addicted to it.

‘NSA’ contains a voluptuous storyline, seductive vocals, and an intimate instrumentation that sets a candlelight mood for loving. 

Lulu Rose

Lulu Rose 

Lulu Rose came to the United States to study performing arts at Oakton College in Chicago, IL. Shortly afterward, she  moved to Los Angeles and studied music theory, music business, and songwriting. Not too after that, she started performing at open mics and showcases. Her musical influences include Demi Lovato, Jessie J, and Sia.

We recommend adding Lulu Rose’s “NSA” single to your personal playlist.

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