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Luci releases a sentimental pop single, entitled, “Girlfriend”

Luci (FKA Lucii the Alien) is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a sentimental pop single, titled, “Girlfriend,” via Create Music.

Luci – “Girlfriend” music video

In comparison to Luci’s most recently released track, “Narcissist,” which has already garnered 35,000 streams in just two weeks, “girlfriend” expresses her desire in certain moments to have a partner, but that internal struggle we all battle about the effort that inevitably comes with these sentiments. The echoing chorus – “I kinda wanna girlfriend but I kinda don’t, ‘cause they’re a lot of work, but I want a hand to hold,” – can be sympathized by many listeners as they make sense out of the track in relation to their own dating lives. “girlfriend” continues Luci’s ascent into the pop realm, further highlighting her singing and songwriting abilities and offering a further, more definitive look into what’s to come.


As a representative of the queer community and a champion of sincerity when it comes to production, Luci hopes to advocate for the space that all women and femme-identifying individuals deserve in the industry, both as existing and untapped artists.

With a discography dating back just five years, Luci’s roots in dance music have served as the foundation for her foray into the world of songwriting and live music. The music she aims to release in the upcoming year prioritizes connection with the listener, largely due to entrancing vocals, thoughtfully crafted lyrics, and production prowess. This connection, almost like a friendship bond between Luci and her listeners, is something she hopes to gradually deepen as she unveils more context about her interpersonal relationships.

Luci – “Girlfriend” single

Luci - “Girlfriend” cover art

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