Luana Kiara press photo

Luana Kiara releases a rugged alternative R&B tune, entitled, “Reminder”

Luana Kiara is a Swedish singer-songwriter with Gambian roots. Not too long ago, she released a rugged alternative R&B tune, entitled, “Reminder”.

Luana Kiara – “Reminder” single

“We women are taught not to be too loud when saying ‘I’m the best, I’m the realest’. This is me saying you can be whoever the f**k you want!” – Luana Kiara

‘Reminder’ contains a relatable storyline, sharp-tongued flow, and hard-hitting chorus. Also, the forceful tune possesses bass-driven instrumentation scented with a rugged alternative R&B aroma.

Furthermore, “Reminder” follows hot on the heels of Luana Kiara’s debut single, entitled, “Trigger”. Shortly afterward its release, she became the face of the New Balance International Women’s Day campaign. That success enabled her to shed light on important issues such as domestic abuse.

Luana Kiara – “Reminder” single

Luana Kiara - “Reminder” cover

Luana Kiara first made her commanding voice heard with the Scandinavian production and DJ duo, Tungevaag & Raaban. Also, she was the featured vocalist on the 2018 smash hit, “Bad Boy”, which has since gone on to clock up over 24 million streams on Spotify alone.

Furthermore, Kiara is quickly proving herself to be a formidable new name on the Swedish music scene, coming armed with a strong sound and message ready to take the world by storm.

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