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LP releases a wonderful alternative tune, entitled, “House On Fire”

LP is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful alternative tune, entitled, “House On Fire”, from her “Heart to Mouth” album.

LP – “House On Fire” single

“I can’t say yes or no. We’ll never know, just lay low. The timing gets to me, I guess we’ll see as days go. Believe in the light ’cause it’s true that we burn with blue light. Something so wild shows its teeth and its worst when it bites.” – lyrics

‘House On Fire’ tells an interesting tale of a woman who shares a passionate yet problematic relationship with her significant other. Every day, she doesn’t know which side of the relationship she will encounter once she gets home. Will it be a loving night or just another house on fire? Later, she admits that her only wish is to be by her partner’s side, and she’s willing to hold on to the flames of their love if she has to.

‘House On Fire’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and Spanish-guitar-flavored instrumentation.

LP – “Heart to Mouth” album

LP – “Heart to Mouth” album cover

If overcoming obstacles were an Olympic sport, LP would be a gold medalist. Her story is a story of redemption. A gritty story of finding yourself amongst the rubbles of defeat. A story of being burned in the forge and rising like the Phoenix, finely tuned, stronger, better, and more resilient than ever.

So far, the bubbly entertainer’s music has amassed over 3.8M monthly listeners on Spotify, 2M channel subscribers on YouTube, a #1 song in 17 countries, and selling 2500-7000 tickets nightly, around the world. Get acquainted with LP’s music by streaming her “Heart to Mouth” album via Spotify.

LP – “Heart to Mouth” album

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